Healthy Versus Toxic Love

If you were in a toxic relationship, would you recognize it? Are you the type who can come up with a million excuses for your love interest to behave badly?

Try as I might to raise my teenage boys to recognize toxic love from the start, I can see episodes where they give in and think with their heart instead of making healthy decisions.

Early in my dating career, I established my own set of rules. Rules that included issues that were important to me and those I could not settle for less on.

As an example – I am very big on being prompt. I hate tardiness of any kid and during my dating career – if my date showed up more than 15 minutes late, I didn’t go. I found it to be rude and inconsiderate.

There’s absolutely no excuse for being tardy these days, especially when everyone has cell phones or know someone who does.

I stumbled on this chart that compares Healthy Love and Toxic Love – take a look, compare the sides and see if you see yourself in any of the classic signs.

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