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About Lara

Hi everyone! Just a little introduction…
I just wanted to pop on and give Dating Dames readers a little intro of myself!

My name is Lara and I’m what I’ve dubbed “Terminally Single – Like a Disease”.

I’m 31, not ugly, not a witch, not stupid, not a money grubber, not a cheater, a liar, or skank. I’ve never been married, and have no children (yet). But I’m still, somehow, single. So when the opportunity came up to co-author here with Michelle, I jumped at the chance! Boy, I’ve got quite a bit to say about the world of dating, and since I came from the Crooner Culture blog where I talked about “Cool Cats” and “Dangerous Dames“, well, this just fit a little perfectly!

So there you have it – I’ll be posting a lot about online dating, working from home and meeting new people, dealing with exes, and figuring out how to get through all this dating mess to get to the meat: a real, grown-up, mature, happy… relationship. I’d like to open up and offer my advice and suggestions to anyone who has an issue, or a question, or lives in the Upstate NY area and wants to take me out on a date, who has at least 90% of his teeth, they’re mostly white, and no mullets please. Thank you!


About Gayla

I’m not going to come off with some grandiose list of credentials citing all the reasons, licenses and degrees that verify expertise because there are none. I believe it takes far more than a piece of paper and letters behind a name to support claims of expertise – personally, I believe expertise comes with experience.

Throughtout my years of living the single life, I partied and mingled with all kinds of people from many walks of life. I’ve met hundreds of different individuals and ran wild and free. I coasted along life in the fast lane, enjoying everything from club hopping to frat parties – from benefits with socialites to hog roasts with rednecks – from peering through binoculars as a spectator of sporting events to trying to sneak unnoticed into restaurants on the arm of somewhat famous sport figures.

I realized that lifestyle isn’t for everyone and you don’t have to be overtly extravagant to desire the same things in life as others or to have similar goals.

I’ve learned how to survive in a variety of social situations and how to take full advantage of other situations as they’ve presented themselves.

As a woman, I’ve become very good at reading men. I have been proposed to numerous times but only said yes to the one that mattered most. My intentions were never to hurt anyone, but through the experiences, it was bound to hurt someone. The most important thing is I learned the various key ingredients that every couple should seek when seeking to create a long and lasting relationship.

As far as my dating experience goes, I will just leave it at this – I’ve dated enough to feel comfortable calling myself a pro. I loved dating and for a number of years, it was quite an active hobby.

After those several years of consistent dating, I did meet and marry the love of my life. Perhaps re-met would be a more appropriate term, after all, he was my first boyfriend ever – way back when I was only 16-years-old.

Over the years of being single, I captured many of my lessons in memory and through journaling and perhaps by my having learned so many lessons the hard way, you can be spared just a bit of hurt and gain the ability to become firmly planted in a successful and rewarding relationship.

I sincerely hope everything works out for you and would like to welcome you to my site. I encourage everyone to feel free to email me with questions, suggestions and comments at Gayla@b5media.com I will do my very best to address each email individually and promptly.

Wishing you the very best in love and life.


About Sasha

I don’t consider myself an expert on the topic of love, dating and relationships. In fact, I sometimes think I’m way too twisted to be writing about it. However, it’s one of the things in this life that inspires my curiosity to the extreme. When I look back, the first moment that I became aware of the emotion that fuels us mortals to seek the opposite sex was at a tender age of 6. I know. I started early. Hahaha. Of course, it was just attraction and yea, utter curiosity of getting that other person to be attracted back. Actually, if you want me to enumerate the names of the guys I’ve had crushes on and I’ve dated when I got older, uh — let’s just drop the subject. Moving on. I’ve done crazy and stupid things in pursuit of the ever elusive reciprocated attraction. I’ve pondered, researched, surveyed, observed, discussed with friends and family, and experimented on the subject of love, dating and relationships.

In the endeavour, it’s a given that I’ve had my share of heartbreaks, mistakes, and life-changing romances. It’s safe to say that I’ve collected whatever wisdom my experiences have offered me. And that same wisdom drives me to optimise this opportunity to be part of what Dating Dames is offering to its readers.

Putting my cards on the table, I’m still single and unattached at the young age of 28. But do understand that in the society I grew up in, I’m now on the running for spinsterhood. Also, a few other social norms are: Patriachal, Conservative Courtship, and “Dating is for the liberal” mentality are in place.

However, the country is turning global and is becoming more and more influenced by the western culture, especially for the educated and financially adept individuals. So, the concept of dating is becoming integrated into the society.

I admit that I’m relatively new to the dating scene and I’m still learning but I am armed with well-founded principles, which guides me in this path that I’ve chosen to take. I started writing about my experiences long before I established my personal dating blog, Truth + Travesty, in the year 2005. I’ve even had opportunities to conduct talks and small group discussions on the subject. Yea, that’s how seriously I take the matter.

But it’s the part wherein my friends talk to me about their questions, theories and observations on the matter that I treasure the most. I reckon it’s my impartial nature and open-mindedness that draws them to open up as most of them have admitted. Personally, it’s not that I enjoy being the counsellor, it’s the opportunity to learn more. I firmly believe that you’re always put in a certain situation to gain new insight — prodding you to look at life in a different angle.

This is my desire — to be able to reach out to each and everyone of you in a personal manner. So, I hope that as we explore the topic of love, dating and relationships, we’ll learn from each other and find the whatever that is we’re looking for, may it be truth, tips, facts, advice, and, uh — Mr. or Miss Right. Let’s do it together. I’d love to hear from you, even just to say hi. Simply send me an email at sasha [at] b5media [dot] com and I’ll find time to do what I can to address your concern or to say hi back.